Your Home: The Energy Efficient Version

With the high cost of living today and the huge expenses associated with running a household, there are many things that you can do to reduce your energy bills. For example, simply installing good insulation in your attic, such as R-30, will help make a significant difference in your energy usage. Compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lights will last a lot longer, use much less wattage for the same light output, and reduce heat considerably inside your Maitland, FL home; all factors that lead to lowering your bill each month.

When it comes to your roof, perhaps it is time to consider styrofoam and reflective metallic that act as a barrier to keep radiant heat from penetrating through to the inside of your home. These elements greatly reduce the temperature in your attic, which surrounds your A/C ducts, meaning less overall heat, and that your A/C system won’t have to work as hard to cool your home. For many of these simple changes that will save you money, you won’t even need the expertise of a Master Maitland electrician. However, when it comes to roofing and insulation work, you will want to call an expert.

If you choose to upgrade your windows and doors, there are many more energy-efficient models that are double insulated with Low E level on the glass panels, which reflect heat more effectively. Is your Lake Mary home a little older? With an older home, this Maitland, FL electrician recommends checking for leaky ducts in the attic. You should also clean the coils on the air handler and make sure the the outside unit is free from obstructions and don’t forget to check your A/C filter regularly! In fact, use the pleated filters for your unit, they last longer and provide better air protection.

The newer appliances today in your Maitland, FL home are more energy efficient. The same is true of the newer central air conditioning systems. Make sure you shop and compare for value, though, because not all of the new brands are equal.

Do you have a flat roof with no attic? If you are replacing the roof of your Maitland home and want to add insulation then you can install hard stryofoam roof panels under the shingles rolled roof or gravel top. Essentially, the less heat you let in, the lower your energy cost will be throughout the summer.

Another way to minimize your energy expenses is with solar panels for your water heater. After the initial cost of installation, you will benefit from mostly free hot water. You can even set these to an automatic time clock that turns on and off based on your hot water needs.

During the hot summer, reduce your A/C thermostat at night and turn on the paddle fan. Your body usually cools down at night while you are sleeping. Keep your thermostat up higher during the day if you are not home and when you arrive back home, turn it back down to a more comfortable temperature. Simple habits can really make an impact on the bill that comes to your house each month.

Have you ever thought about those bushes and shrubs outside your home as energy saving? Well, take it from one Master Maitland electrician… The shade provided by trees, shrubs, and bushes outside your home help reduce the ambient temperature of your Maitland home and block the direct sunlight off of your roof and home exterior. When it comes to air circulation from your attic, rather than use the power attic ventilators that use electricity, upgrade to ridge vents on the roof, which perform equally, if not better, and do not require electricity.

Finally, heating your Maitland, FL home typically costs four times more than cooling, so during those cold months (which we don’t have many of!) reduce your thermostat at night when going to bed or turn off the heat and use space heaters in the bedrooms. When you do this, simply make sure that the receptacle has a good, tight connection, so the device will never overheat. Rain or shine, hot or cold, here in Florida, it is important to minimize your monthly energy costs. Hopefully, this Maitland, FL electrician has shown you the benefits of certain upgrades, but take careful consideration to examine exactly what your home has in place already and look to what you can do to upgrade your home to the energy efficient version!

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