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Your Generator: A Residential Backup Power System

When it comes to generators, there are both portable and fixed-in-place house models, ranging in size from 5 kilowatt to 48 kilowatt generators, which means you can power up just the lights up to your entire house, depending on the size of the generator. Years ago, generators were not commonly used for providing power to Longwood homes. Portable generators were commonly used by Longwood electricians and contractors in remote locations, where electricity was not available for tools and temporary lighting. Now, in recent years where power has been lost multiple times for days and weeks on end to some people in rural areas, generators have become very popular.

In many cases, whole house, fixed-in-place generators with automatic starters, propane tanks, and transfer switches are much too costly and impractical. So, portable generators have become much more popular, but there are some concerns when it comes to safety, since these devices have a high accident rate. If installed correctly, it can work well and safely, so you need to be sure and call a professional Winter Park electrician to do the job.

For an average 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,500 square foot Longwood house, using a portable generator ranging from a 5 Kilowatt to 12 Kilowatt load can provide power for simple lighting all the way up to using appliances and the air conditioner unit. Now, that won’t provide enough power to use all of the appliances at once with smaller devices turned on, but you can run the lights, refrigerator, and a few other big-power appliances like the water heater and A/C. From there, you can alternate the other devices, like the range, dryer, and well pump by only running one or two at a time.

The key is having the generator installed by a master Longwood electrician to your exact needs. First and foremost, the correct size generator is key. Then, you will need the correct exterior W/P receptacle and the proper sized cord and connector. Also, a panel with a transfer switch that will provide power to the necessary circuits and turn power off to the house panel when the generator is in use; or an inter-locking safety device that will turn off the main power if you decide to back-feed the panel, is important for overall safety.

Having an understanding of what you are doing and how the generator works is critical so you don’t back feed the electrical meter and cause arcing if the power comes back or back-feeding a downed power line, which can cause injury or death to a repairman working on the main line.

When thinking about installing a generator, take the time to have a professional Longwood electrician design and install a backup system that can work effectively and safely. Remember, only use your portable generator in a dry and well ventilated area!

Longwood Electrician

Electrical Maintenance for Your Home

There are some things you should know about your Longwood home‘s electrical system, which consists of branch circuit wiring, switches, receptacles, and feeder connections between your meter cabinet main disconnect and circuit panel. Even though your house was wired by a Longwood electrician to all NEC spec codes and all of your devices, switches, receptacles, fixtures, appliances, panels, and main disconnect comply with the code and are UL approved, there is a difference between the quality and the method of the wiring. (more…)

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