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An Early Holiday Lighting Guide

The holidays are a joyous and enjoyable time to share with your family, friends, and neighbors. More and more people are choosing to decorate their Lake Mary homes with string lighting, statue displays, animated figurines, and powered trees. Home decoration for the holidays is at an all time high in popularity and the residential market has exploded with a large variety of electric displays.

Whether it is for Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, you can create a display for your Lake Mary home that can be easier to install, safer, and more reliable. Take it from your Lake Mary electrician, most homes only have one receptacle by the front door, which is commonly shared with another circuit and consists of 1800 watts. In small applications, this amount of available power will usually suffice. However, in larger applications, such as large lighting displays, it will not. The safety concern here is that you will have to interconnect these lights together and use power cords.

Using power cords for your Lake Mary holiday lighting arrangement strung out in different directions, laying on the ground exposed to the weather elements can be a hazard as well as a maintenance problem, and very inconvenient. Just as easily, just as easily you can have a larger specialty circuit with numerous outlets under your roofs sophit protected by the weather with 2400 watts, controlled by a switch, automatic photo cell, or a time clock.

Depending on the arrangement of the numerous receptacles installed in your home can make the installation of this dedicated circuit safer and more reliable. In larger applications, where you want to extend into the yard or driveway, you will want to consider multiple dedicated circuits with proper shock proof protection. This protection for your Lake Mary home can be added with waterproof surface ground receptacles.

All of these tips from your Master Lake Mary electrician are designed for safety maintenance and overall ease of installation. Don’t risk your Lake Mary holiday lighting arrangement this year with a sub-par electrical setup. Take the time and set your home to be the talk of the neighborhood in a safe and reliable way!

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