Lake Mary Electrician

How to Maintain Your AC System

Understanding how to maintain your AC system is an important part of owning your Lake Mary┬áhome, as it can save you money in energy costs as well as increase the life of the system to help to avoid unnecessary repairs. A few easy steps can keep your system running at optimal performance. (more…)

Maitland Electrician

Your Home: The Energy Efficient Version

With the high cost of living today and the huge expenses associated with running a household, there are many things that you can do to reduce your energy bills. For example, simply installing good insulation in your attic, such as R-30, will help make a significant difference in your energy usage. Compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lights will last a lot longer, use much less wattage for the same light output, and reduce heat considerably inside your Maitland, FL home; all factors that lead to lowering your bill each month. (more…)

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