Lightning and Whole House Surge Protection

When it comes to lightning and surge protection in your home, there are a few things that you should know. There are two main cost-effective things that you can do to safe guard your Lake Mary home. In your home, you probably have many electronic devices and appliances like televisions, stereo and video equipment, and more. Protect your belonging from power surges and lightning strikes with these simple upgrades, straight from your Lake Mary electrician, Michael Ingrao.

Your house probably has a main grounding system with a standard 8-foot galvanized rod. A simple upgrade to ensure your Lake Mary home safety would be to install two 20-foot upper clad ground rods. Going deeper into the Earth in Florida is valuable for protecting your appliances and electrical devices because the deeper the grounding system, the better path for lighting and strafe voltage discharges.

Some basic elements for your Altamonte Springs lightning surge protection is to turn off electronics, stay off hard-wired phone lines, do not take showers, wash dishes or wash clothing during a lightning storm. Also, stay indoors and wear insulated shoes on tile or concrete floors. Lightning is a very serious danger, so protect your family and home with these helpful tips.

You may have heard of power company voltage surges and spikes that can affect your whole house as well as individual appliances. Michael Ingrao, your Lake Mary electrician has the answer. The second cost-effective protection for your home is known as a whole house surge protection system. Contact Michael today to find out more by calling 407-331-3577. In the meantime, protect your belongings the simple way by having individual surge protectors on all your televisions, video and audio equipment, and computers. Also, have your main panel and meter base checked, cleaned, and tightened for safe, secure main line connections, which could potentially cause problems when left without service.

There are many things you can do around your home to protect against major power surges and lightning surges. For everything else, call Michael Ingrao, your Lake Mary electrician at 407-331-3577.

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